Workshop for Preparation of Independent Learning and Independent Campus

by: Depilkom UPI    08/07/2020 10:02:52

The workshop, which was held on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, was intended to socialize and prepare the Independent Learning curriculum and the Independent Campus within the FPMIPA, UPI Environment. This activity was attended by leaders in the department / study program at FPMIPA and the curriculum development team.

The essence of MBKM for students is having the opportunity to attend 1 (one) semester or equivalent to 20 (twenty) credits of study outside the study program at the same tertiary institution; and a maximum of 2 (two) semesters or equivalent to 40 (forty) credits of learning at the same study program at different universities, learning at different study programs at different universities or learning outside of college.

The implementation of MBKM at the University of Education in Indonesia is based on the following principles: Orientation Achievement in Graduates’ Profiles, Achievements in Holistic Competence, Collaboration, Multi-Experience, Relationship and Equivalence, Self-Regulated Learning, Oriented to 21st Century Skills. The MBKM program is expected to:

1. Produce quality graduates with mastery of a holistic competence between non-technical (soft skills) and technical (hard skills) competencies, so that they are able to work professionally according to the discipline they master;
2. Producing graduates who have relevant and actual competencies with the demands of the community, especially the business and industrial world (DUDI);
3.Forming the character and mindset in responding to the development, and demands of the community and the world of work, so that they are easy to adapt and seize opportunities for their future;
4. produce graduates who are able to work together on work (collaboration work), work in groups and have an adequate leadership spirit, through the habit of interacting with various parties outside the college and its study programs;
5. produce graduates who are superior, independent, creative and tough and become good learners in accordance with the concept of lifelong learning (long life education).

Details of the Guide to Implementation of Independent Learning and Independent Campus can be found in >> UPI MBKM Guide UPI MBKM Guidance

For the Independent Learning Outreach Material and the Independent Campus, go to the link >> UPI MBKM Socialization Material.